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Whether you are experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania or other forms of medically related hair loss, we have a solutions to meet your specific  needs.

We are a Full Service Salon.

The stylists at Lucinda's Hair will cut, color and customize each piece to enhance your unique style.

Hair System- a hair system is considered to be any form of non surgical hair replacement, including wigs, hairpieces and integrations.

Partials – We create units that are individually customized and designed for you. Partials are usually best for concealing specific areas of concern. Depending on the amount of hair loss and how much you want to add to your existing hair determines the size of the unit.  Color and style options are endless.

Semi-permanent attachments- Semi-permanent attachments are very comfortable, natural, undetectable solutions for both men and women. There is no need to shave your head, as many hair system solutions can incorporate your existing hair.

Bonding or Grafting-  A bonded and grafted attachment not only allows you to wake up with hair, it seems as if the hair is actually growing out of the scalp. This is a more permanent option for almost anyone seeking more hair. We use a medical grade adhesive that will bond to either your scalp or existing hair.  This process stays on for about 3-6 weeks depending on your body chemistry. There is no need to shave your head in order to bond a system. Many bonds can be attached to existing hair growth, allowing new growth to occur. Maintenance includes removal of the system, cleaning, re-attaching and styling.

Bellargo- For those not into tape or adhesive, well we have something for you.  Tiny cylinders are used to attach both your hair and the system invisibly to your own hair.  This process last 4-6 weeks.

Clips - For those not ready to make a more permanent decision, this may be the way to go.  You can clip your system on and off daily whenever you like.

Double sided tape - will allow you to remove your system whenever you'd like, and offers flexibility including a gentle hold to extra strong hold when needed.

Velcro – Not as strong as a clip or tape, but still secure.

insurance reimbursement
You may be eligible for insurance reimbursement.
Connecticut and other states are mandated to reimburse $350 for a full cranial prosthesis for medical needs. Call the number on your insurance card to learn more about your coverage before your appointment or placing your order. CONNECTICUT HOUSE BILL NO. 5464 INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT However, Medicare does not cover full cranial prosthesis, it would need to be submitted to your secondary insurance company.

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