Trichology is the crossroads between dermatology and cosmetology, it is a practice concerned with the hair and scalp. Hair loss can cause great distress, and there are many misunderstandings about its causes and treatments. The most common type of hair loss is male pattern baldness which despite its name can affect women as well as men. Problems of the scalp ranging from dandruff to more serious issues like inflammatory conditions fall into the care of a trichologist. When the hair and scalp become excessively oily the advice of a trichologist is often sought. Guidance on the right shampoo for any particular individual and with its frequency of use is relevant. Whether its hair loss and/or scalp ailments our qualified trichologists can help.

Trichoanalysis Software for Hair and Scalp

Lucinda’s Hair is excited to offer a new technology, which is a Tricho-analysis software program. This allows us to scope and magnify your scalp by 200x. From there, we take multiple pictures of your scalp, follicle and hair growth allowing us to identify and treat the scalp and prevent hair aging and loss for up to 30 years. This management tool enables us to monitor the client’s progress by providing the proper regiment which helps with scalp and or thinning hair symptoms. With at-home and in-salon treatments combined with a low light laser, you can rest assured that we are knowledgeable, committed and trained with the latest technology and services available to help any hair loss or thinning problems you may be experiencing.