Would You Like Thicker Or Longer Hair?

Hair extensions make hair appear naturally thicker by adding volume undetectably. They allow you to transform any style by adding length and or fullness. We only use the best extensions which will not damage your natural hair, and in fact, will allow your natural hair to grow longer and healthier in the process.

Extensions also offer highlighting, low-lighting, and fantasy colors without damaging chemical processing. We offer a variety of extension methods that will best suit your lifestyle and match your hair texture, color, and desired style. They can also be used to enhance wigs and hairpieces.

How Do They Work?

Extensions are integrated into your existing hair. They are durable and look very natural. The result is a fashionable, secure and invisible alternative to wigs. Extensions can be applied for volume, length and color.

There are many different types of extensions. We help decide which is best for you!

Seamless Extensions: These are the thinnest extension method available and are great for fine, thin hair. Seamless extensions are a 1 ¾” strip that is “sandwiched” to your hair or hair piece. They grow out safely with your natural growth, great for length, volume & color. They are reusable!

Ultra Links: Perfect for all types of hair and require no heat or adhesive for attachment. Attached using a micro-cylinder also known as a bead, and are reusable.

Strand by Strand: Individual strands attached to your own hair by using a heated keratin protein tip to your root area. Great for length and volume. Lasts three to six months and are not reusable. (Not recommended for thin/fine hair.)

Micro Point Panels: These extensions come in human or Cyberhair, and can be ordered to match your exact color. They can also be added for highlight or a lowlight effect. Simplicity is attached using a safe, lasting adhesive. They lie flat and close to the scalp for the ultimate in comfort. Strongly recommended for very fine hair.

Accents: These extensions are made of Cyberhair and are attached using a bead. They are used for color accents and enhancements. Accents do not fade or damage you natural growing hair or hair system.

Connection Point extensions: lies completely flat against the head putting no stress on the hair, 100% Human hair, no adhesive, no chemicals, no damage, installed in less than an hour. They come in different densities to mimic the density and color of your own hair.

HALOCOUTURE®: provides beautiful, non-damaging hair extensions of the highest quality 100% Remy Human Hair.