Lucinda’s is now a Volumizer Certified Salon

What is the Volumizer?

The Volumizer is a unique semi-permanent breathable solution that is light weight, comfortable to wear and self-molds to the head. It allows the scalp to breathe, doesn’t trap or hold water, is completely flexible and causes no damage to existing hair. This is the newest form of bonding on the market, whether integrated with your existing hair or used with an invisible part they are cut, styled and customized to your needs and lifestyle. Each piece is handmade and blended with 70% Chinese and 30% human hair, for shine softness, strength and durability. They come in 4 different textures, 7 blended colors, and 28 solid colors to blend and become virtually undetectable with your own hair. Extensions can be added for length as well as volume, and are bonded the same way as the volumizer. Also available are fantasy color extensions for those who like a little pop of color.

Why choose the Volumizer?

The Volumizer is unlike any other semi-permanent hair unit attachment.

Simply because it is non-damaging, non-invasive, no chemicals are used, no tape or adhesives, and hypoallergenic.

It’s made with 100% human hair, hand made; which allows you to wash, cut and style just like it’s your own natural hair. It lays flat to the head, weightless and comfortable in addition it can be worn naturally day and night without removing, you treat this unit like your own hair when it comes to washing and styling, with proper maintenance it looks and feels luxurious. In salon maintenance will have you in and out within an hour every 4-5 weeks.

The Volumizer comes in 28 solid colors and 7 blended colors and 4 different curl patterns silky straight, wavy, curly or relaxed. Each unit is customized to each client’s specific needs and characteristics, you will also receive a nylon and boar bristle brush to maintain the integrity of your hair piece