Cyber Hair

Cyber Hair is for Men too!

Introducing Cyberhair®, the most advanced hair system available, developed with breakthrough advanced technology.

This new advancement was engineered In 1995, Cyberhair® made its debut in the United States after years of successful field testing in Japan, Thailand and Europe.

Cyberhair® is a new innovation developed with scientific technology.

It has many desirable qualities including durability, uniformity,lightness, softness, body and lift, and style memory retention. Cyberhair® is equal or superior to other fibers and human hair while duplicating the texture of human hair to simulate your own.

Currently, other fibers used in hair systems have an unnatural cross section shape or a damaged surface from trying to achieve the correct light reflectant properties.

Most human hair used for hair systems has been chemically treated, resulting in weakened, poor hair quality. Nothing else on the market comes as close to the texture of your own hair as Cyberhair®.

Cyberhair®’s unique quality of “style memory” actually makes it easier to style than your own hair. This built in memory allows you to do anything, even sauna without losing your original hairstyle.

When Cyberhair® gets wet, it reacts just like your own hair.

Laboratory Xenon Tests confirm that Cyberhair® has a higher level of fade resistance than other alternatives.

Tests prove that Cyberhair® is more than 10% lighter than other hair. In fact, Cyberhair® is 18% lighter than Polyester synthetic fiber, 11% lighter than Modacrylic synthetic fiber and 14% lighter than processed human hair. The lighter the hair, the more comfort for you.

Because of the high content of moisture in Cyberhair®, when wet or dry the hair feels and responds like healthy human hair. This high moisture content also helps eliminate frizzing.

Cyberhair® has “style memory”. This allows for hot showers and hair dryers to be used on Cyberhair® without losing it’s style.

Strength tests show that Cyberhair® ranks the highest against other fibers, including human hair. Cyberhair® has twice the durability of processed human hair. This means Cyberhair® can withstand more stress.

Why Choose Cyberhair over Human or Synthetic hair?
Cyberhair is stronger and lasts longer than human or synthetic hair. It contains a cuticle to make it appear as natural as your own growing hair. Cyberhair can be custom matched exactly to your color and texture to give you back your natural appearance. It is the most durable choice available.

Are there any restrictions on activity?
Cyberhair allows you the freedom to be active without worrying about your hair style. This fiber is safe for all activities, including swimming. It does not fade or change color in the sunlight, and has style memory. This means that when it is washed, it will always go back to the same style naturally. Great choice to restore activities such as running, soccer, skiing, swimming and gymnastics for children and adults.

Is it okay to use blow dryers to style my hair with Cyberhair?
Cool blow dryers can be used but are not necessary to maintain your style. You don’t have to “fuss” with this hair.

What type of shampoo and conditioner is needed to maintain Cyberhair?
Your Certified Cyberhair Technician will recommend an exclusive line of Cyberhair C-Formula Products especially designed to keep your Cyberhair vibrant and healthy.

Can I go to any Beauty Salon or Barber?
No. You should only use a Certified Cyberhair Technician.

Can I perm, color, foil, or relax my own hair?
Yes, you can, but you cannot chemically treat Cyberhair.

Will chlorinated water affect Cyberhair?
No. Cyberhair will not discolor but should be rinsed out after exposure to salt water and chlorine to protect the active cap.